Lucilla Blankenberg received her BA in Communications in 1999 from UNISA. Lucilla has always wanted to tell stories and found documentary and film to be her ideal medium. She produced and directed several films about aspects of South African society including: Black People Don’t Swim, Don’t Shoot, Brothers in Arms, Through My Eyes: Blanche La Guma and A Country for My Daughter. Lucilla joined Community Media Trust in 2001 and is currently the Co-Director of the national not-for-profit media production company. CMT has produced educational television and documentaries in the fields of health, HIV, education, gender based violence and human rights since 1998. She is responsible for good governance, strategic planning, fundraising, day to day management and building of partnerships. Through CMT Lucilla has been involved in many health educational media campaigns about HIV/Aids, Hand washing, breastfeeding, TB, MMC and teenage pregnancies. She is the director and producer of most of the media created and produced at CMT. CMTs current work includes Man Up/Soka – a large and successful national mass-media communications campaign promoting the uptake of VMMC as an HIV prevention strategy – and pre-production for The Riviera – a Dramedy set on the Cape Flats in 1898 during the State of Emergency told through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl.

Lucilla has won awards for her work as director and producer, including the Best TV Series award at Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) for JAB in 2018, and the Gender in Media Award in 2010 for the documentary A Country for My Daughter.